A Letter To My Birth Mother


1.) Write a letter TO your birth mother about the possibility that you were deeply wounded when she disappeared from your life. (Again, names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Dear Eileen,

I’m writing you to let you know how you giving me up for adoption had an impact on my life in a negative way and the pain it has brought me sense you gave me away.

From the day I found out YOU gave me away, (I found out I was adopted when I was approx. 5 years old) I never stopped thinking about you. I dreamed about you, I fantasized about you day in and day out my whole life. I was never at peace growing up knowing I had another family out there somewhere. I needed to know who I was and where I came from. This caused me great pain and confusion in my childhood, juvenile life and on into my adult hood.

When I was little I had a feeling I was going to find you, or you were going to find me. I had dreams over and over running up and down the hallways at St. Francis hospital as a little girl, looking for you. That was the one place that I thought I might find you, because that was the last place we were together. I will never understand how you “LOVE” something then give it away. I would wake up, and I always remembered at that point it was just a dream. I also believed in my whole heart, that this was all just a big mistake. You would never give your child away, to be raised by strangers. Who would do that? This was just an accident, and you just had to be searching for me. I never gave up hope that I was going to see your face one day because then I could finally see who I looked like. You could hug me like I always dreamed you would.

I was never able to talk to my adopted parents about you. I was afraid they might get upset, or their feelings hurt. I never bonded with my adopted mom, and we have never gotten along. I felt like I was simply out of place my whole life, I never knew who I was. This caused me great pain, and frustration. This is great pain and frustration I had to keep silent, because there was no one to talk to about it. I acted out in many ways, because in my eyes I was taken from my mommy, even thoe I know you gave me away. I just wanted to be back with you.

I have never had a mother/daughter bond with anyone. This has been a great loss for me. It is very hard for me to create an emotional attachment with people, and when I do my guard is up 110%. This has caused me some huge relationship problems.

My birthdays have been horrible. Not one birthday goes by where I don’t get sad, and think about you. I always wonder if you are thinking about me on this day. I start to think about you more than usual about a week before my birthday. I cry when I’m alone and no one understands the sadness I have felt. I always wished you wanted to know me, like I always wanted to know you, but you didn’t.

When I finally found you when I was 21, I wrote you a poem. It was one of the best days of my life, yet one of the saddest. I finally made contact with you, but you hung up on me. It devastated me beyond measures.Now as a 37 year old woman, looking back I guess me finding you wasen’t what you wanted. It wasn’t what you dreamed about. Maybe me finding you was just too painful for you? Or you didn’t want to think about that time in your life. Whatever your reason, I’m sorry you felt that way. I’m thankful you spoke to me eventually, and we did get to meet a few times.

Do you remember me being by your bedside when you fell down the stairs and you were in a coma? I flew all the way to Iowa from Kentucky to see you because they were afraid you might die. I stayed 5 days, and prayed for you, held your hand. I even looked at your feet, because they look just like mine. Did you know I was there? I really never knew, because you never talked to me after that.

The next time I would see you was when you were laying in that casket, wearing the blue jean button up shirt with Christmas trees on it. You had your glasses on, and I remember your rings on your fingers. You really planned out your funeral to the tee. I was surprised about that. But one thing you forgot to mention was the other daughter you had and gave away. Did you forget? Or you just didn’t want to remember you had me? Not sure, but that hurt me a great deal. I felt totally out of place, as Joanna was listed as your only daughter in the obituarie and funeral brochure. I didn’t count for anything.

I wish I wasn’t so painful for you, because all I really wanted from you was a relationship. I’m really upset at the fact that you took the right away from my birth father to have a chance to even know me, or have a say so in you giving me up for adoption. I guess you didn’t think about his feelings at all did you? I know, I know. You said “He didn’t know anything about you, and he wouldn’t want too”. I remember you saying those words. I will never forget those words. I’ve tried to put myself in your shoes and the fact that I was conceived out of a drunken one night stand with a married man, who was much older and a close family friend is perhaps the reason you decided to give me up for adoption? You didn’t want the reminder of your bad choices?

Why did you continue to drink alcohol during the pregnancy? I know that was a different era, but I also know that you knew better than to drink alcohol while you were pregnant. What if you damaged me by doing that? I guess you didn’t care because you were giving me away, passing that “problem” onto a different family to have to deal with. How selfish of you. I’m really mad at you for that. You can’t tell me you loved me and you drank the entire pregnancy. That’s a lie. You also didn’t give me away because you loved me, you gave me away because you didn’t want to look at your mistake every day. Why didn’t you just have an abortion? I wish I knew the answer to that question. But then again, it doesn’t really matter now. The damage has been done.

I will close this letter by saying I wish I was never adopted. I wish you never gave me away. But now it’s my job to learn how to cope all this pain being adopted has brought into my life, and share my journey with others.

I just wish you could have found it in your heart to send the letter you promised, and to hug me just one time. Why was that so hard?

Did you know the woman you gave me too wasn’t even capable of being a mother? Did you choose that?

Your daughter even thoe you gave me away,


5 thoughts on “A Letter To My Birth Mother

  1. As a fellow adoptee, I always find it amazing how many of us have similar feelings of loss, and emptiness in our lives. And I also find interesting how many other fellow adoptee's don't have these feelings, or at least not admitting them.

  2. Glad to virually “meet” you AoH. 🙂 The loss that being adopted has brought me is so far much more deep than anyone that isn't an adoptee could comprehend. I honestly feel like other adoptees, and God are really the only ones that truly understand. I feel that's interesting as well. I don't know how someone would not want to know their roots, or where they come from. I wish more of those adoptees would speak up, and speak out like we do. I am interested to know more on that myself. I wonder what contentment with being adopted feels like? In the closed adoption era at that. I have so many adoption issues, I don't even think I could ever say “This is more of an issue than this”. I find it all an issue, and one is just significant as the other. Abandonment, Rejection, Loss, Loss of identity, roots, heritage, original birth certificate.. We could go on and on. And the crazy part is, not matter what my birth mother “WAS” she was still my birth mother, and even if she rejected me I still want to know more about her. CRAZY! And my heart is still breaking she rejected me. Then my birth father next, then my birth sister wouldn't speak to me for 11 years, and that whole time I kept saying “What did I do to her?”.. Cried many of tears, then she contacts me out of the blue on Facebook to tell me my birth mother died, and she wanted me to come to the funeral, only so that I could be in the worst pain of my life because my name wasn't in her obituary. I wasn't listed as her daughter, but she gave birth to me. I will never be thankful I was adopted. Ever

  3. It's crazy how I can read this now, and honestly say that God is helping me heal DAILY from the pain my adoption has brought me. He's gracing me with such a softer tone today more than ever. I do still get upset, but me forgiving my birth mother has taken away a lot of my anger. God gets the credit!!

  4. I am thankful I was adopted and wish more teen mothers would consider it. My Parents were amazing people and loved me very much. They gave me a wonderful life. I understand that my birth mother gave me up because she was just too young to be responsible for a child, she was only 13 or 14, not positive. She wanted me to have the best life possible, she picked out the family who would adopt me, and I think she made a good decision. She is was looking for me ever since I turned 21. She wrote me a letter and told me she never once forgot about me, and kept me in her thoughts and prayers. She still cares, and I think in most cases the birth mother just wants their child to have a better life than what they can provide at that time in their life. Just my experience I guess, but I absolutely believe I was meant to be with my family.

  5. Ms. Amanda, Thank you so much for your post and its wonderful you are able to view your adoption experience in such a positive light! That's def a great thing. I feel like a “Better Life” for me is totally left to the unknown, because I will never know what a “better life” was because I wasn't given the chance to live both lives, there for I can't speak on what my life would have been like if I would have stayed with my original family, or been given up for adoption. I just can't speak on that myself. I think I might have responded different about my adoption if things were a little different but today I am healing from all the trauma and pain I have had to hold in an entire lifetime. Masking all my pain with alcohol, and other “things” today I am dealing with it head on,and God heals so I am on the road to recovery in all areas of my life. I think if my birth mother would have responded to me finding her differently, and wanted a relationship with me, the one I dreamed of my whole life, I wouldn't have been in such bad shape over the years. And I also think if my adopted home life was better, not as chaotic things wouldn't have been so crazy in my child hood. I believe every adoption story is different, and unique in its own way, and I am happy that you had a good experience, and can view it in that light. What a blessing that is! Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!! Pamela ❤

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