“We have to walk through all the adoptee layers, to make it to the light, but it won’t come overnight or without a lifelong fight!” – Pamela A. Karanova, Finding Purpose in the Pain – One Adoptees Journey from Heartbreak to Hope and Healing.

“Pamela brings a lot of insight into adoption from personal experience. Thriving after surviving a hurricane of emotions isn’t easy. I’m very impressed with her as a person and a fellow adoptee. Thank you for making the world a better place one smile at a time.” – Angel S. Louisville, KY

“Pamela has shared wonderful resources and insights for us adoptees to understand why we feel as we do.” – Arielle A. Bangkok, Thailand

“Pamela’s audible memoir will be a wonderful addition to a source of healing for the adoptee community. She keeps it real and raw while also providing tools and tips on how she has overcome so much. I can’t wait to take a listen!” – Jenna B. Farmington, AR