Moving Mania

20160320_164803I really wanted to give my blog readers and fellow adoptees a heads up I might be MIA for a while. We are in the process of moving and things are rather hectic! I’m also going to have graduation coming up and my twins are turning 18 in May!

Due to the new changes life is about to bring, I won’t be posting for awhile.

<—- See all these boxes? LOL

The good Lord is moving us to a new place to begin a new season of our lives! He’s so good like that! Closing doors and opening new ones is about to happen. Trusting Him is KEY!


I’m excited to see what the future brings for my kids and I. 

Stay Tuned! I’ll update as much as I can but until then, for my fellow adoptees the best way to reach me is email: 

Hugs to you all and remember YOU AREN’T ALONE!

There’s an army of adoptees at How Does it Feel to Be Adopted?

Hugs and much love! P.K. 

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