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Many of you are already aware that I am now writing on my new Substack platform – The Real Adoptea Moxie! I am having a blast and I would love to invite you to join me!

While some of you have been following my website for a very long time, I will be sure to visit from time to time to share snippets of some of the articles I am writing on my Substack platform.

Being Adopted: When Your Truth is Held Hostage: Fires, Floods & Falsehoods are utilized to discourage adoptees from discovering our truth.

“Can you imagine spending your entire life searching for your own information and experiencing conspiracies and roadblocks every step of the way? And the world gaslights you into being THANKFUL for such injustices? The more we push for wanting our truth, the bigger the risk is that we are thrown to the wolves by our adoptive families. If you think this doesn’t happen, think again. It happens all the time.”

Feeling My Birth Mother Through the Sky: Your adopted child might look okay, but that doesn’t mean they aRE.

“Now, imagine being five years old and having to internalize these feelings of complex grief and loss, and the only thing the world tells you is, “She loved you so much!” so she passed me over to strangers to raise. No one comes to the rescue to help save you from yourself because the internal conflict has turned into internal agony that will never settle. IT NEVER GOES AWAY! Being a deep thinker has always been a part of my life because I was always forced to keep everything inside; my mind has never stopped running after 48 years. It’s exhausting at times! I just wanted to find my mother.

The Psychological Evilness in Adoption: An Eternal Salute to My Mythical & Magical Mother, Raquel Welsh: Everything that’s rooted in deception will eventually come to light.

“Secrecy is something that is rooted in shame, and everything that’s done in the dark will eventually come to light. But unfortunately, most adoptions are submerged in fabrications, falsifications, and fictional stories. And for my life, I will never understand how so many evangelicals and Christians stand on God’s word to push adoptions, but Adoption is rooted in secrecy, lies, loss, and half-truths.”

Adoptees are Dying, but Adoption Agencies Continue to Neglect Our Cries: While the world markets adoption as a win-win for all, Adult Adoptees are left for dead by the Adoption Agencies pleading to love, support and respect them every step of the way.

“In my research on private adoption agency websites, I mainly see resources for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families; nothing is explicitly listed for Adult Adoptees. Even when the website says, “A center for connection, a center for support,” adult adoptees are left out of the equation, time and time again.”

When Families Swap the Adoptables: As the weakest link in the Adoption Constellation, Adoptees are treated like pawns in a round of chess, a competition we never consented to play.

“Adoptees continue to be the invisible, voiceless piece to the adoption constellation, and we’ve been silenced, shut down, and dismissed by the world. Our grief and loss are swept under the rug as if it doesn’t exist, and we’re tired of it. We’re reclaiming what was taken, and our voices are becoming louder for the next generation of adoptees. It’s time to remove the rose-colored glasses and start having hard conversations about adoption.”

The Destruction, Deception & Deceitfulness in Protecting Adoptees from Our Truth: The idea of keeping our past a secret from us, as if our information is classified as a top-secret, is a massive disgrace and detriment to adoptees everywhere.

“I have yet to learn of one adoptee story with a cheerful, amazing pre-story before their adoption. Adoption is rooted in separation trauma, grief, loss, abandonment, rejection, complex PTSD, and more. The reasons adoptees are stolen for adoption, relinquished for adoption, and separated from their biological families for adoption usually aren’t joyful stories.  Adoptees carry wounds that run so deep, not only from the separation from our biological mothers, but we experience identity issues and psychological wounds that impact us significantly throughout our lives.”  

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