What NAAM17 Means To Me…


I’m still recovering from NAAM16

I’m not even lying. I totally overdid it last year and as a result I dropped off the face of “Adoptee Land” for 6 full months. I was too overwhelmed with it all I had to spend 6 months of self care to nurture my adoptee self back to life again. Then, I tippy toed my way back in but made a promise to myself.

I was not going to overdue it again! For my own mental health and sanity. And also so Adoptee Land wouldn’t lose me again, for 6 months or  maybe longer.

I wanted to share what NAAM17 meant to me.

NAAM17 is a time where the world celebrates adoption, yet adoptee voices have always been an after thought. As the years have passed adoptees are breaking out of the fog and coming together and raising our voices to the world on how it feels to be adopted. Finally, we have a space and our voice matters. On the other hand as November approaches I almost get this sick feeling in my stomach like someone punched me in the gut. It’s an unnerving feeling. Unsettling for adoptees and this is why many of us feel the need to raise our voices. Seeing the adoption agencies and those in the adoption arena celebrate adoption is sorrowful for many of us. It brings triggers that we have to learn to navigate. It’s difficult and there is no way to escape it.

For me, this month is a month I’m putting my long time vision of starting an all adoptee support group Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY into action on the ground here in Lexington, KY where I live. This is my contribution to NAAM17 this year, as well as guiding some of my fellow adoptees around the USA to start their own Adoptees Connect in the city and state they live in.


I still have my Facebook “Like” pages to run, as well as my own blog so my plate is already full. For my fellow adoptees, please take care of yourself this month. Go treat yourself to something you want, buy a massage or get your nails done. Buy an ice cream cone or go to the gym and work out to burn steam off. Whatever calms your spirit and brings you job, make sure you’re doing that this month in the middle of your commitment to raising awareness on how it feels to be adopted.

I love you all.

Please, take care of yourselves.





4 thoughts on “What NAAM17 Means To Me…

  1. Pamela – what a great reminder for all of us adoptees durning this difficult month – to take care or treat ourselves. Also, what a great idea to have a get together with fellow adoptees that are local to you. Would love to have a group like that here in the Twin Cities to go to. Glad to hear you are not over doing it this year my friend. Take Care. Gretchen

    1. Gretchen, so glad you see you here! Glad you can can resonate with us needing to take care of ourselves. I think NAAM last year was so hard on everyone. Whew…

      I actually have many adoptees who are wanting to start an “Adoptees Connect” in their city so I decided over the next few weeks I’m going to put as much information as I can on the main hub I purchased for this project so fellow adoptees can get any and all information they need there, and I can also make the graphics so the city and state match the logo. I think each persons group will be their own particular style and flow, which is wonderful. I just want us to create a safe space for adoptees. (not all in adoption, they already have their spaces. we have none) and it would be nice if this would spread like wildfire! We have a commitment from fellow adoptee Kevin for starting one in Lancaster, PA and about 3 more commits. 🙂 You should consider it my friend. It’s such healing in connecting with those who get it. ❤ HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Also meant to say, check http://www.adopteesconnect.com over the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some helpful information put up, meanwhile feel free to start your Facebook Like page “Adoptees Connect – Twin Cities, MN” I can send you the graphics! You just say the word. 😀 No pressure!

  2. I will take a look at that site. If I did start a group, it would be small out where I live. I know several adoptees in my area. The Twin Cities is so large that we could support several of the adoptee connect groups. This is such a great idea.

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