Adoptees Connect, Inc. Teams Up with Rebecca Sansom, Filmmaker for Reckoning with the Primal Wound

Where Adoptee Voices Meet

The last week was a whirlwind as we launched our first Annual Adoptee Remembrance Day – October 30th. The day went out with a bang, and our message was delivered worldwide as the truths in adoption were brought to light.

In the days leading up to Adoptee Remembrance Day, we were notified that the premier release of the Trailer for Reckoning with the Primal Wound was going to be released on 10/30/20. The release day was picked to bring awareness to the struggles that come with the entire adoption experience.

In this documentary, Filmmaker and Adoptee Rebecca Sansom has teamed up with the author Nancy Verrier of the book, The Primal Wound, to make a feature-length documentary about the experience of being an adopted person. The Primal Wound is still the number 1 resource for adoptees after 25 years.

In addition to Verrier’s voice, the film features…

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