I’ve Got Nothing for National Adoption Awareness Month 2020

Photo Credit: UNSPLASH by Jed Owen

I’ve spent years pouring my heart and soul into NAAM, and at the end of November, my heart and entire soul feel completely exhausted, not to mention my emotional and mental health take a tremendous toll. National Adoption Awareness Month is heavy, like a duffle bag filled with bricks.

Something about living 46 years being adopted, fighting the world for my truth, and then taking every ounce of energy for an entire month by pouring into the occasion is just way too much than what my mental health can take these days.  

Adoptee Remembrance Day was created and set for October 30th each year is to send shockwaves in the adoption community about the ADOPTEE REALITIES of adoption and how it impacts adoptees all over the world BEFORE NAAM HITS. This is where I will be spending my energies for the years to come, and this is where I will be pouring my heart into.

I would love to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to my friends and fellow adoptees who have chosen to buckle up their bootstraps in pouring into November. I know this isn’t an easy time for adoptees, and it seems we all take an extra beating this month when we choose to participate. As if living being adopted isn’t hard enough, we have to look online and see adoption praise parties worldwide. It’s tough, beyond it. I salute each of you! I love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pouring your soul into the adoptee community.

As the middle of November approaches, I would love to encourage anyone reading to be sure to take care of yourself and take breaks as your mental health truly needs it. No one is going to do it for us. I also encourage you to consider pausing from social media as it’s one sure way to stay consumed in ADOPTIONLAND. Be ruthless in your self-care routine, and learn that you don’t have to explain your actions to anyone.

I no longer explain my decisions or actions to anyone regarding my role in adoptionland. Once upon a time, I used to seek guidance or others’ approval before I made decisions. Today, I ask myself daily, where I am concerning my adoption journey. Reflecting on this topic is how I accurately decide my role within the adoptee community. It changes frequently, and I am okay with this.  

Whatever you are doing to participate in NAAM, and even for those who are passing it up this year, please put yourself first. You deserve it.

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