Adoptee Writing Prompt- Birth Mother/First Mother


To participate in Writing Prompts all you have to do is be an adoptee and have the willingness to SHARE regarding your adoption experience in relation to the writing prompt.

There is no wright or wrong in what you share or don’t share.

The key is: SHARE! 🙂 

Sharing is healing

This will be a weekly event in which the changing topic inspires adoptees to share stories, ideas, memories and as much or as little that comes to their mind regarding the topic and their adoption journeys.

Although the world can read and learn from us, I would like to save this space for adoptee only sharing.

Please leave your comment here ❤


2 thoughts on “Adoptee Writing Prompt- Birth Mother/First Mother

  1. I’m going to share “Birth Mother” to me is someone I always dreamed about knowing. I had a deep desire to be close to her although she was so far away. The misery of what she looked like followed me everywhere I went. Although I only got to meet her 1x and she rejected me I still longed to have her in my life.

    Today I know she was a hurting woman. She died a hurting woman. I used to be mad at her for giving me up but now I have forgiven her.

    I have nothing but love and empathy for her. That’s what comes to my mind when I think of “Birth Mother”

  2. “Birth mother” means to me that is the woman I was inside for 9 months and bonding with. I see her as someone I have a connection with – a bond. Even though she didn’t raise me, I feel a connection that I’ve never had with my mom.
    Like some “birth mothers” hurt from rejection of family, the deep feeling of guilt and loss of losing their child to adoption, that is how I see my birth mother. One that is still hurting till this day. I had told her early on in our reunion that I had forgiven her but I believe she needs to forgive herself too.
    I love my mother even though we don’t have a relationship now, she will always be my mother. I wish I could call her up and we would talk for hours but that is not the way it is. That bond for 9 months that we had can never be broken even though she didn’t raise me. I think of my mother when I hear “birth mother”.

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